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AVR Global Technologies and Burckwell Technology Corp

Our goal is to provide value to our customers. AVR Global Technologies ( AVRGT ) is focused in the design, manufacture and supply of custom molded cables, wire harnesses, electronic assemblies, IC’s and electronic components. We strategically partner with other OEM’s in-line with our products and industry expertise for the purpose of providing accurate technical responses and stream-line supply chain support to our customers. Check back often for future partnership up..

AVR Global Technologies and Tarng Yu

AVR Global Technologies is pleased to announce a new Strategic Alliances. In line with our ability to produce custom molded cables, wire harnesses and electronic components/Distribution; weare adding the product lines of TYU connectors to support our growing customer base with value added, cost-effective products. TYU - Tarng Yu Tarng Yu was established in 1994 in Taipei Taiwan. Over 20 years of professional manufacturing experience in connectors, we are proud to be one of the l..

AVR Global Technologies and Xeltek

AVR GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES AND XELTEX Xeltek  is a global leader in developing wide range of device programming tools dedicated to online/offiline IC programming for chips such as NAND Flash memories, NOR Flash memories, microcrontrollers, EPROM, EEPROM, PLD and other programmable devices. Xeltek products cover wide range of applications from low-end to high-performance engineering and from gang, cluster medium volume programming to automated handlers. Xeltek is the only company in th..

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