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Posted on Monday 03rd August 2020

AVR Global Technologies, Inc.  NEWS  Aug. 3, 2020

 For Immediate Release -   by Val Pontes, COO  AVRGT

AVR Global Technologies, Inc.  is proud to celebrate five continuous years of growth.    Currently experiencing an 18% increase in sales in 2020, while serving customers in the USA,  Europe, Brazil, Australia and more.   Mr. Andy Bowman, President of AVRGT noted  " It is a very proud moment for the company.    It's a result of our dedication to customers and to our manufacturing teams and staff.    We are now designing, manufacturing and supplying custom molded cables, wire harnesses and electronics to customers around the world.   To industries including high RF tech applications such as Hughes Networks sophisticated telecommunications systems.  As well as other industries in transportation and telematics systems,  automotive, medical, security systems and more.  We are close to producing 100,000 custom cables and wire harnesses monthly.   And we are averaging  supply and delivery of over 1 million cables, electronic assemblies and electronics annually. "   " Thank you to our growing customers and team. "

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